Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Warm and Stylish Headbands!


Dear Diary,
Are you ready for winter wonderland?  Since the weather STILL isn't cold enough to bundle up, I've had enough time to figure out how to look stylish when that weather finally arrives.  Crocheting has always 'tickled my fancy' but I never had time to master the craft.... until now!

Introducing the DagSisters warm Headband! If you know a little about crocheting, you will be able to make this. My first headband took me about 2 days to complete, but now I've cut the time down to less then half!

Step 1: This video taught me how to do the basketweave which I used for the majority of the craft:  Basket Weave tutorial . In the video he used the ratio 4:4 but I cut it in half to 2:2. Whichever look you prefer you can make just as easily.

Step 2: Next step is the flower. I used this video to learn how to make the flower but have tweaked the look a little: Crochet Flower Tutorial .

Step 3: I sewed buttons into the middle of the flower and on the end of the headband to allow it to close.

Step 4: Look stylish and know you're wearing a one of a kind headband!

allfourYou can attempt to make the handband or you can order one from us for $25! What a steal for a one of a kind. Order one now to be sure you receive yours before the cold weather graces us with her presence. To order, please email Include your email address or telephone number so we can contact you for order details.

Thank you and be sure to send us pictures if you decide to make one of your own!

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  1. I wear mine all the time. LOVE IT!