Sunday, February 19, 2012

... More Photo Tips! (Piggyback Post)

Dear Diary,

When I see a really great photo, I get goosebumps. I can stare at a good photo for a half hour, almost meditating on it. I think that qualifies me to say that I have a passion for photography. I love the kind of photo where you can hear, smell, taste and feel the subject.

One day I wanna get a sweet camera with a zoom lens. But in the meantime, we work with what we got and if we work hard enough, we can do sweet things! My panasonic point and shoot broke a few months ago and my only camera is the one on my iphone.

So what can you do with an iPhone photo? A TON! with some great free apps to edit photos. Allow me to name a few of my favorites so far. The description on the actual app will explain the details so I'll just show some of my edited photos.

Colorsplash (free app) IS A SUPER FUN APP!

This photo is cool no matter what way you slice it but... playing with the colors with this free app takes it from awesome... to ever more awesome-er!

PhotoStudio (free app)

This app allows all kinds of options for your photos- super easily making them more vintage or more vibrant!

Its always cool to change from color to sepia: 


see photos go from cute... 
to BLADD- OW! 

Add a vintage finish and a cool border...

(don't ask me where she learns these poses.)

Kodakgallery (free app and my obsession)

I pat myself on the back for making a habit of using this website ( and the iphone app) to store and edit my photos. Best of all, I create photo books, about three 60 page books a year that savors and honors the memories that my family creates. My girls LOVE to look through the books and I can imagine they will be priceless in years to come. Having the iPhone and the app makes it really convenient to get all the (good) photos that I take on my phone up to my kodakgallery account. It never fails that when someone else looks at the photo books, they say, "OMG I have to start doing this!" If you want more specific advice on how to get things going or how to make it a good habit, let me know.  I have some hard rules that deserves its own posts entirely.  

CLICK HERE to see Kat's original photo editing post that inspired this "piggy back" one...  

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  1. Where does she learn these poses? BB

  2. poweroftheflower.blogspot.comFebruary 20, 2012 at 6:00 PM

    Great Blog gals! I can say I knew you when!

  3. Great information! I just downloaded a couple of these apps to my iPhone. Thanks!