Monday, April 16, 2012

What a Stay At Home Mom Does Daily!

Some of my friends always wonder why I don't answer their phone calls, or emails, or texts as I used to pre-Layla. I decided to break it down and share what I do daily so maybe they will cut me a break :) (this is a REAL day on 4-12-2012)

6:15am Layla decides to wake up. I wasn't quite ready to get up considering I stayed awake til 10:30 last night working on the internet. I try and ignore her crying for a little bit hoping she will fall back asleep.

6:45am She figures out how to unplug the baby monitor so my end has a high pitch noise. Now I had to get up and take her from her crib. I take her back into bed with me still hoping she will cuddle with me and give me another hour of sleep. She does the sign for "milk" so I start to feed her while still half asleep. When she is done, she sits up and starts to crawl
around on the bed. I don't want her to fall off again, so I instantly sit up and bring her closer. The cats are meowing from outside my door hoping to get fed soon. I pull out my phone to see if I have any messages, then Layla snatches it from my hands. I'm a little too tired to argue, so I let it slide just this once. I start to think about everything I have to do today, then Layla throws up all over me. Now I have to add shower and laundry to my list. The two most difficult things to do while its just us two. (Mike is out of town)

The first thing to clean up is Layla. If I wait she will have her throw up spread all over everything around her. And maybe some flung on the wall. I pick her up but hold her far away from my body (I don't want to get more on my clothes, or better yet... squished onto me) I carry her to her room and plop her down onto her changing table. I take my shirt off while changing her. So I'm now standing topless in her bedroom, wrestling with my daughter to keep her still. The cats are still meowing, now louder, and rubbing on my legs. I still have to feed them. My phone rings. I ignore it. Layla instantly wants to turn over, does a back-bend, squirms like I am torturing her. I must get these clothes off her. And the smell of them on my shirts is starting to make me sick. As I'm changing her I realize I only have two diapers left. How did I get so low? I have to plan a trip to the store. ASAP Then as I reach over to the Diaper Genie, the bag is full and the top won't close. I have to take out trash too. I check her temperature while I'm thinking of it, and while her diaper is still off. 101.9. great. Now I have to call the doctor again because this fever has been here for the past few days. I haven't had time to check the weather today so I put a pair of jeans and t shirt on her, then set her down by her toys so I can assess my situation of clothing.

The cats are still meowing in my ear, I smell like puke, trash needs to go out, I need to shower, the bedding needs to come off the bed, breakfast needs to start getting made (before Layla has a melt down), laundry needs to get started, call the doctor, get to the store for diapers... and I still need to pee, put on clothes and brush my teeth. Oh my gosh, it's only 7:45.

8:00am I am starting to get a headache and can't decide if it's coming from the cats meowing or my puke covered pajamas. I quickly feed the cats. Run to the bathroom to relieve my bladder. I can still hear Layla pushing the toys that make noises so I know she's okay. Then I go to my bedroom and finally put on a shirt then change my pants. (I can't shower til after breakfast because Layla will have a breakdown if she doesn't get food and has to be trapped in the bathroom with me.) I still hear her toys, so I know I have time to brush my teeth, and put in my contacts. Thank goodness. But, now I remember I have to call my eye doctor because my glasses are wrong. I have been putting this off for months now, but just haven't found a minute (and hopefully you'll figure out why after reading this... are you still reading?... hello??)

8:20 am Breakfast time! I pick up Layla, she has a toy in each hand and one sticking out from her mouth. I put her in her high chair and strap her in. The tray still has her bib and leftovers from dinner last night. I take it over to the sink.  She starts to get excited about food and throws her toys on the floor and tries reaching for the banana. I quickly get the tray cleaned and click it on her chair. She starts banging on it, then gets fussy when I walk away to grab a knife and a clean bib. I'm not sure why she thinks I've forgotten about breakfast. The bib is on and the banana is starting to get cut. She eats it almost as fast as I'm cutting it. I give her the sippy cup and walk away again to see what else I have for her to eat..... oh and for myself to eat. No eggs, add it to the list. I guess she will have to do with oatmeal. I wanted to make an egg because she can feed herself while I make something for me. I start to make her oatmeal as I notice she is almost done with her banana, so I move a little faster. Throw it in the microwave and go to get myself cereal. I start feeding her and in between bites try and get two or three for myself. Her sippy cup has grape juice in it and she dribbled some down her chin so now its on the bib and starting to get onto her clean outfit. NO! I run to get a paper towel only to step on her toys... dang it! Why didn't I pick those up??

9:00 is rolling around. My morning shows are finally here! I clean up from breakfast... the tray, her face, the floor, her bib, her shirt, the dishes... oh no the dishwasher has to be emptied and re-loaded... maybe later. I put her back by her toys and sit down on the couch to watch Live! with Kelly and the Nate Berkus show. I turn on the keurig to get a cup of tea only to have to fill it with water and then wait. Oh well, this is what I look forward to. Half way into my show I realize I haven't made my tea yet. Dang. Layla is starting to get restless. She keeps crawling into the living room and pulling all my papers off the coffee table... I guess I should clean up so Layla won't get anything in her mouth.

9:30am Layla just blew snots all over my pants. Now I need to shower. I guess I have to miss the remainder of Live!with Kelly. I grab the Johnny-jumper and attach it to the bathroom doorway. Layla isn't too excited at first but she will warm up to it. My shower takes twice as long as it should because my constant "peek-a-boo"s take time. Her fussiness was overwhelming, so I'm hoping I don't smell anymore and jump out of the shower. I squeeze past her while she is hanging in the jumper and go to my room to throw on clothes. This is the only time I will have to put on clothes today, so although it is 10:15 I need to get ready for the day. My hair is still wet but Layla now has a dirty, stinky diaper. I have to get to the store because now I don't have any backup diapers!

10:30am I put Layla in her crib for a few minutes so I can get a diaper bag ready to hit the road. She is screaming and in desperate need of a nap but I know once we get into the car she will be asleep. My hair is still wet and I quickly throw on mascara. As I put her in her car seat she arches her back so it makes it difficult for me to buckle her in. Once again, I am wrestling her. I grab the diaper bag, grab my sunglasses and slip on my shoes. As I'm walking out of my building, I remember that my keys are still in the condo. I set everything down by the stairs and sprint back inside. (Luckily, I kept the door unlocked!) Get everything into the car and on we go.

10:45am We are heading to the Dollar Store and Target. Layla is asleep within seconds, but this doesn't stop me from jamming to my music. I should check my phone for the missed call, but I finally have ME time, and the phone is the last thing I want to do.

11:05 We finally make it to the Dollar Store. Layla is still asleep, so I take her entire car seat and my diaper bag out of the car. I know exactly what I need to get, so I quickly walk down the aisles and get to the check out counter. Layla is waking up and realizes we are somewhere new, so she starts to get curious. The check out counter now have merchandise scattered on the counter from Layla trying to get everything. "I'm very sorry Mr. Clerkman... rough day". He assures me it's okay and sends me on my way.

11:30 heading to Target. Now I have to get diapers, toilet paper, cat litter and eggs.... can't forget those. Layla is still awake when we get there so I can easily take her out of the car seat and place her into the carriage. This makes it so much easier! I browse the aisles for about 20 minutes then the meltdown begins. Crap its lunch time. I'm 20 minutes away from home and don't have anything for her here. I get to the check out counter at noon only to find 5 extra things in my cart from when I turned my back to Layla. Once again I apologize to the clerk and head to the car.

12:05 the car is packed and I'm still thinking of my list of things to do today. Laundry, trash, dishes, lunch, catbox, call the doctor... Layla is asleep. Great, her meltdown in the store was embarrassing and she is already asleep before I get out of the parking lot. I turn on more loud music and not think about anything on my 20 minute drive home but some Alicia Keys.

12:30 I get home with a packed car and a sleeping baby. Luckily, my neighbor sees me and comes out to help. Thank you Kevin! Between the diaper box, the cat litter, other Target bags and the car seat it would have taken me at least 3 trips. My neighbor then reminds me that I forgot to clean his house last week. Oops. I could do it RIGHT NOW, while Layla is sleeping. Cleaning is my outlet. It takes me somewhere else. I love it.

12:45pm I started cleaning his apartment when suddenly Layla wakes up as if she is starving. Her cry is too much so I run downstairs and grab her food. She is still in her car seat as I feed her.

1:00pm I finish cleaning Kevin's and head back downstairs. I forgot about all the Target bags hanging around. Layla is fed but what about my lunch? Maybe later. I start unpacking when I hear Layla make a heavy diaper. I had to unpack the diapers so I could get a clean one to put on her. The diaper genie is still full and now starting to smell. Trash. Dang. I will take it out as soon as I'm done unloading the bags.

1:30pm Layla is occupied by her toys. I finally have a minute to sit down. She is crawling over to me and pulling everything out of the diaper bag.... everything off of the coffee table. She is un-doing everything I had actually done today. Story of my life... I get up and continue with the shopping merchandise. "Cat litter... I have to do the box... THEN I can take out the trash." I'm not in the mood considering one cat had just finished doing his business.

2:30pm Now my friend, Ashley texts me that she would like to Skype. I haven't talked to her in a while, so I would hate to miss the opportunity. I talked to her for about a half hour... Layla's now crying. What is it now? She needs a nap. I had to let Ashley go although I was enjoying our conversation. Adult interaction.

3:30pm Layla is still crying so I feed her and put her in her crib because I'm sure she needs a nap. She cried for a little while but finally laid her head down. ZZZzzZZzzz..... Time to finish the shopping bags, cat box, trash, laundry. Oh my gosh, considering I haven't used the restroom since this morning, I should go while I have a few minutes.

3:40pm I have some time to get things done. Start laundry, do the dishes, take out the trash, sweep the floor.... Once Layla wakes up she will be hungry so dinner needs to be thought about.  I pull out chicken pot pies and prep the oven.

5:00pm Layla finally wakes up... starving. First I to tend to her smelly diaper as she is still crying. Her gymnastics back bends and flexibility is taking effect as I place her on her changing pad. My oven is beeping to say that it is ready for me to take the food out. I opt to leaving her pants off and put her into her highchair then run to the oven to take the food out.... not burnt! PHEW! I put her pot pie in the freezer so it speeds up the process of cooling it off.

5:25pm Layla is ready to eat and I've made her wait long enough. I cut up part of the dinner and put it on her tray. She starts to devour it so I realize I need to move a little faster. I remembered that the laundry should be ready to be switched and if I don't promptly change it, people in my building leave my wet clothes on the machines which eerks me. So, I called my neighbor to see if he could keep an eye on Layla while I run down to the laundry room. Perfect.

6:00pm I need to fold my laundry, finish eating dinner, finish feeding Layla, get ready for Zumba and get out the door in 45 minutes... can I do it??

6:45pm I am walking out the door. Success! I get Layla into the car as she is in a "food coma" :) I drive to the Recreation center and unload Layla and get inside. Wrong place

6:55pm The man at the counter gave me directions to another recreation center so I ran to the car with Layla and the diaper bag. Finally I pull up to the building and run inside. Wrong place.

7:10pm I drive to the last place that I would drive to and run inside ten minutes late. Finally I get to get my Zumba on! I unhook Layla and let her crawl around the dance studio. All my Zumba friends loved how friendly she was. She smiled, bounced and clapped her hands to the music.

8:15pm Layla is starting to have a meltdown as I get her into the carseat and into the car. It's bedtime for her but I'm a little behind schedule. As I start to drive home, I realize Mike had called me twice and left me a voicemail. I try calling him back only to realize my phone is now not working. Great.

8:30pm I haul everything into the house as I am physically and mentally exhausted from my day. Layla is ready for her bedtime routine but I need to let Mike know that I'm okay before he starts to worry about his two girls! I get onto Facebook and send him a message as I grab the laptop and put it into the bathroom. I get Layla undressed and bring her into the bathroom.  The water if turned on low to heat up the tub... then I realize my leg is starting to warm up. I'm guessing the sound of the water made Layla relieve her bladder. Awesome. I put her into the tub and take off my pants. Now I'm giving her a bath pantless.... awesome.

8:45pm Layla gets her pajamas on, her hair brushed and now I'm reading her books. Luckily, you can not see my bare legs from the windows. She signals for "milk" so I feed her and put her in the crib. Good night sweetie.

9:00pm I am jumping into the shower. Two in one day? Unheard of! As I reach for a towel, I realize they are all in the clean laundry... in the living room. Awesome. Layla has her small towels on the top shelf so I grab one and it fits on one half of my body. After I change into my pajamas, my bed seems so far away.

9:15pm I pull the sheets from the middle of the clean laundry hamper and put it on the bed. The rest of the laundry will get folded tomorrow.

9:30pm Time to write my blog, check facebook, look at pinterest and go to bed.... with a glass of wine! So when a mom says she is have a "well deserved glass of wine"... you will understand how WELL DESERVED it is!

11:15pm Good Night!


  1. Ah yes. And another one will be TWICE as fun

  2. And you do it with a smile. Very entertaining post! Thanks

  3. sometime smile makes success,sometime success makes smile.this post is intersting.