Monday, October 22, 2012

Original... Fun... Halloween costumes

Gathering some photos of our halloween costumes from the past few years... in order to get them up asap I took pictures of photos with my phone. 

Can you tell we love halloween?!
What are you gonna be this year?!

Frankenstein and his bride!

Under the Sea!
"Bar fly" with strainers for eyes (sorry about the sideways photo)
MR and Mrs Potato head!
Grinch and Cindy LouWHO!?
Gift from God... wow someone has high self esteem!
Holy Shit and Oh Shit (back in college- ya know)


  1. That was a pretty little Ariel I saw at your Under the Sea/Little Mermaid group costume! I'd suggest that you can also appear as the Incredibles the next time around!

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