Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Art of the Scarf

scarfDear Diary,

Tis the season... to get out your scarves!  I used to think that scarves were mostly just something to warm my neck.  My mom wouldn't let us leave the house during the winter without moon boots lined with plastic baggies, a hat (not earmuffs!) and a scarf.  My mom would wrap the giant knit scarf around my whole head and face with just my eyes peeping out.  By the time I got to school, the part near my mouth was all wet and stinky from my breath.  This is some "up-hill both ways" kind of stuff, right?

Another scarf memory from my childhood were the scarves that my mom got from the exchange students that we hosted.  They were silky, very large, long  and thin.  Their designs made you wonder if it should really be bunched up or hung on the wall as art.  I should go raid her stash now since now I am digging scarves!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="268" caption="Mea really knows how to rock a scarf!"]mea-scarf[/caption]

Today, scarves may still be warm and European but they are OH SO fashionable too.  In fact, my sister Emily calls them "fashion scarves".  For the older ladies, scarves are a great way to hide wrinkly necks.  Last year, the younger generations, turned to Lil' Wayne and other hip hop stars for ways to wear their tight-checkered tassled scarf... draped in a big bunchy triangle over their shirt.  Small square  scarves can still be a punchy classic accessory. You can do the 50's look with bright matte red lips....its also sorta French or Gwen Stefani-like.
The stores are filled with affordable scarves so you just have to decide to wear one and chose how you want to wear it.  Once the winter coat comes out for the season, I get the scarves out too.  I put them in the front closet with my coat so I can switch up the look as I am running out the door.
Lately, with a 2 and 4 year old, I wear my "mom uniform" most of the week: the same black gap coat, a pair of jeans and comfortable boots... so in order to keep my look fresh from day to day, the only thing that changes is from my "neck up".

The "neck up" consists of scarf, earrings, hat, hair accessory, quick up-do and makeup... and we will save most of the other stuff for another blog post. I get comments like, "You always look so cute."  (People are so nice!) But this is ironic since, as I mentioned, I am usually wearing mostly the same thing.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="336" caption="Eva agreed to pose if she could wear my glasses ... then she says, "mom, say... hey Sarah I like your scarf!""]eva-scarf[/caption]

I picked up a couple new scarves last week in Chicago and thought I should share some of the ways it can be tied. My sister Joyel passed along this sweet You Tube video "25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!"  This girl pretty much covered it!

Another good link for scarf looks...  Glamour Fashion shows video of "4 Fresh Ways to Wear a Scarf".

I hope this has inspired you to exercise some scarf options. Share with us any of your scarf related ideas and discoveries!


  1. Plus. It is excellent and relaxing to knit some scarves, people enjoy it so much when they get something unique. I hope they take a moment to remember their creator.
    In my day we had angora head wraps and fake fur hats. I wore my fake fur to my college interview. What was I thinking?
    Maybe I'll put my sister on this page as well.

  2. " Eva agreed to pose if she could wear my glasses ... then she says, "mom, say... hey Sarah I like your scarf!" "

    That is adorable!

  3. That picture of Mea looks EXACTLY like you at that age. I really thought it was you at first! Unbelievable.

  4. There are so many ways to tie ladies scarves. You just have to be creative to create different ways and styles to tie them and make sure that they fit the dress or clothes you are wearing.