Monday, March 5, 2012

Black Tie Birthday Bash- Mea and Eva's Themed Party!

Dear Diary,

The girls' birthday party this year was a lot of fun! Months ahead of time, they started brainstorming.  Mea wanted to know what theme we should chose.  "What could we dress up like?" she asked.  This apple is not falling far from this tree. There is no denying it... we love dressing up! We invent reasons to do so.  And Birthdays are a perfectly good reason to do something silly.

Adults are invited (encouraged) to participate as well... (its all for the kids, right?)  HOWEVER! Allow me to layout my disclaimer: Rest assured... nobody is required to dress up... in fact, nobody has to do anything that will make them too uncomfortable. We want everyone to come and enjoy and we love you no matter what! I know that some of my friends and family wince at these ideas... "Oh gosh, Sarah, what do I have to do? What do I have to wear?"  "Really? Can't we just have a normal birthday party?"  I have come to understand that dressing up and being totally ridiculous is not fun for everyone.

The birthday party is meant to be a celebration of life!  It should be fun for everyone.  Those who want to come and be peanut gallery observers to all the silliness- perfect!  Believe me when I say that us HAMS totally appreciate your role.  I think it is more than fair to agree... as long as you aren't negative about what I am doing doing, I promise not to give you a hard-time.  

So, without further adieu, this year, the theme was... (drum-roll please!)...  BLACK TIE BIRTHDAY BASH!  Mea wanted everyone to dress up in their prettiest things, "like their real clothes and look really pretty and handsome."
We sent a red carpet themed evite.
The invitation read:

Mea and Eva request the pleasure of your presence at the most sought after event of 2012- their “Black Tie Birthday Party! 

COME RED CARPET READY! The preshow will begin on the red carpet with photo opts and VIP interviews. "Who are you wearing tonight?"

Special note to the talent’s agents, managers, stylists and staff: Please prepare for a possible impromptu talent show.

We went and got some red pillow cases and sheets at salvation army to lay down a red carpet rug.  We printed off some direction arrows to the red carpet and photo area.  I set up a little backdrop (thanks Jill for cutting out the bow-ties) with twinkly lights and balloons.

Dad is a super good sport too! Nice bow-tie!

We printed out "backstage pass card... and lad lanyards for people to where they areound their neck.  they had titles on it such as official photographer, stylist, agent, producer, talent etc.

Some people want to get silly but either they have no idea what to wear or they have anxiety. "If you do it, I will do it."... "Are you going to look cute or ridiculous?"  I always have extra props and costume pieces laying around the day of the party... and once everyone is warmed up, more people join in for a photo opt or two.  I happen to have a ridiculous collection of wigs and hats (halloween stuff from over the years). 

The little gentlemen looked so adorable!

Some famlies came in full rock star mode and aunts and uncles were dressed to the nines! (What does that mean?) I can't find all the photos right now.

We set up a "SWAG ROOM"... for kids to take home some little prizes:

Before cupcakes, we had a talent show.  The girls sang their favorite song: Avril's "complicated".  Everyone who wanted to got a turn to sing or dance or show off their best somersault.  Some kids introduced themselves on the mic.  Where was the video camera?... uncharged but I can tell you that I have a mental recording of it that will stay with me.
Eva threw a fit when I starting clapping before she was finished.  This mamma will learn to be more patient but my little diva has to also learn to share the spotlight :)  Where does she get it?

The talent show continued with a (shirtless? and somewhat dangerous) dance off!
All in all, a GREAT TIME!  We are so fortunate to have awesome friends... who can show up and make themselves at home in all the chaos.  And we have family that is loyal and loving beyond belief.  A special thanks to my friend Jen for helping to make this day special for the girls.

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