Friday, March 9, 2012

Annie Themed Birthday!

Dear Diary,

The Sun'll come out... TOMORROW! Betch your bottom dollar... that TOMORROW... there'll be sun!

Seeing as how we are still heavy into our family's birthday season, we will stay on this topic for a few posts. As I explained in my black tie post, we love to dress up and birthdays are a good excuse to do so. (Thanks uncle Rory for the photoshopping here.)

Blasting into the past, way back to 2010... When Mea was turning 3 years old, she wanted to dress up as Annie. To following theme we were Ms. Hannigan and Daddy Warbucks. This made for cute PHOTOS!

Eva who was 1, was a little orphan. (Molly from the movie)

Our friends, played along and their kids. They came dressed as orphans too! They worn mute color clothes and rubbed some brown dirt on their face.

Before Singing Happy Birthday, Mea sang The Sun'll Come out Tomorrow. After her instruction "everybody... "! we all joined in for the chorus. (HAMS)

A video:

It was this year, in 2010 that the tradition of dressing up for birthdays started and bar was set high.


  1. So much fun, another Dowgiallo great time I had to miss. Aw snap. I would listen to her singing any old time. Big fan.

  2. This makes me even MORE excited for birthday parties that Felix will remember. I'm glad I have a year or two to think about it first! Though maybe I should start thinking about a theme for his first birthday... so we can get some great pictures too!

  3. Just when I think I cant love her anymore.... be more cute... i dare her! Some of my biggest smiles in life have surely been the joy of Mea. Best God Daughter EVER!