Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crafty McCraftersons Over Here

We had the amazing opportunity to have 3 craft shows in our first week of looking.

Our first show was hosted by Salon Tress.  The owner, Stacie, welcomed us with open arms and allowed us to test our products to the public.  There were many people who came through and purchased what we had to offer.  It feels great to know that we are doing something we love and people appreciate it!

Our second event was at the Mom2Mom sale at Orchard Grove Church. Holy cow, there were a lot of people! (pun intended) We were preaching to a different crowd and they were loving on us. We met the Mary Kay consultant who had a table next to us and she invited us to our third event. 

Maggie, the Mary Kay consultant, allowed us to set up a table at her training class with her friends.  They had many questions and had orders for our Mod Podge letters! Craft shows are in the cards for us and we will set up wherever people allow us to.

Thank you to all of the owners of the events and also our amazing customers who make us feel loved and appreciated every time they "oooo" and "ahhhh" over our goodies!

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