Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Baskets without Candy

Dear Diary,

Easter without candy? What kind of mom am I? Well, I love celebrating holidays... and of course I love taking photos of Layla on all the first holidays but a 10 month old does not need any candy... or toys.... or clothes.... or shoes.... or anything really. But, an Easter basket is in order, so I decided to go with a themed basket. There are a few things that Layla loves, so here are my choices.
  • Bath Basket!  personalized cup, alphabet letters,  goggles, bubbles, lotion, new towel
  • Food Basket! eating- Gerber puffs, sippy cups, recipe book
  • In the Car Basket! toys, road trip games, sippy cup, trash container, toy container, sunglasses
  • Accessory Basket! hair clips (homemade!), earrings, socks, Hanna Anderson shoes (they stay on!),  undies, nail polish, chapstick, manicure set 
  • Arts and Crafts Basket!- pens, pencils, markers, coloring books, notebooks, paint, paint accessories, play doh
  • Movie Basket!- DVD, popcorn, healthy snacks (fruit taffy), book, crackers, chips, fruit snacks, unfrozen freeze pops
  • Music Basket! iTunes card so they can get games on the iPad or iPhone
  • Beach Basket- personalized beach bag (great choices here!), sunglasses, beach towel, sunscreen, sun hat, bathing suit, underwater camera, goggles 
What suits your child?  Maybe they won't notice that there is not any candy because they will be distracted by all the wonderful gifts in their basket. Do you hide your basket from your kids? I'm overly excited to be able to watch Layla search high and low for her goodies, but that will be in a year or two. 

Happy Easter!

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  1. Remember some of the places you use to find your basket?