Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Make a Side Dish from TShirts

Dear Diary,

I have high ambitions... making a video blog! In 5 easy steps you can make a personalized bowl.  I will teach you how to make a side dish out of t shirts... Enjoy :)

  • old tshirts
  • scissors
  • wax paper
  • plastic wrap
  • mod podge
  • paint sponge or brush
  • bowls

  1. Flip the bowl upside down and lay the material over it. Cut out the material so it would lay over the bowl.
  2. Plastic wrap the bottom of the bowl then put a thick coat of mod podge over the plastic wrap.
  3. Lay the material over the bowl then put another thick coat of mod podge over the material.
  4. Let it dry over night on wax paper. 
  5. Enjoy your personalized bowl!

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  1. Awesome! One question... do you leave the saran wrap on or peel it off or trim it?

  2. The saran wrap peels right off of the bowl. I recommend putting a few coats of Mod Podge while the material is still on the bowl. It will allow the bowl to be harder. Then you can trim it up if you would like! Thanks for the questions Kristen! We love our followers

  3. This is such a great project, Kat! Thanks for the instructions!


  4. A nice T-Shirt really lightens up your day, doesn't it??

  5. are these food safe? and once it hardens... can you wash them?