Monday, July 23, 2012

Coins Display!

Dear Diary-

My husband loves to collect foreign and rare coins. Whenever a friend comes by and mentions coins, he takes out his old cigar boxes, pours all the coins on my nice table and sorts through them. This was starting to make me go crazy after a while. I had to find a solution!

I watch the Nate Berkus show religiously and I always listen carefully as to what he says. There was one episode where he was talking about displaying your jewelry. "If you like it and wear it often, why not have it be your decoration in your room?" That man is a genius. To the thrift store I go...


1. I found a wonderful (brand new) frame at a consignment store. My requirements was to have glass front AND back! I know how much my husband loves seeing both sides of the coin. (NOTE: It CAN"T be the frame that you slide the sides back on... the coins are too thick and all fall down... learn from my mistake!)

2. Time (15 or 20 minutes)

Yup, that's it!

I opened the frame and laid all the coins on the glass. I made sure to make all of them touch so there were not any open spaces for the coins to slip and slid.

Voila! An amazing, personalized frame that my husband loves! Now I have to find more to put the rest of the coins in. Below is the front and back photos!



  1. What an innovative way to display your husbands coin collection, hats off to you!

  2. Thank you Amelia! We always love when we get feedback from our followers!

  3. Hi, I did the same for my collection of some old coins, but after some time the coins started to corrode(most of them old copper/aluminium) and the same leaves a mark on the glass. Do you have any suggestion for this.