Monday, September 17, 2012

Personalized Stools... encouraging independence one stool at a time!

Dear Diary,

Just finished another personalized stool today. This one was ordered from someone I don't know- that's fun:)  I've been too busy with the new school year starting to really find out how this person came to me but I think I met her at a craft fair or ladies night event last winter. She ordered this stool for her grandson. How precious;)

I think one of the reasons I like making these stools is because they always come along with a little story.  A good friend of mine ordered this one.  She said it was for a soon to be "Quinn Rita". She was giving it to her co-worker/girlfriend who was having a baby :)   She talked about this friend as a "farm girl... sweetest person she knows"  She was pregnant with her first child and I got the pleasure to meet Quinn's mom a few days before she went into labor.  I have to say, she was WAY too cute to be that close to labor!  In fact, she was mentioning inductions and I said WAY too much about how I feel about premature inductions (foot in mouth)... afterall, I think I am an expert with 2 induced labors.  But I got a call the next day that she naturally went into labor and had a wonderful delivery.  Maybe the new stool put her into labor.  Quinn couldn't wait to come out and sit on it! This is all silly- I haven't been on the computer in a while and I have some weird writing energy that I have to get out.  I wonder where this stool sits in her little farm house.     

These little projects don't make me rich but they are therapeutic and I imagine all the ways the stools might be used for years to come.  Little feet climb up to reaching the sink to wash hands and brush teeth... or decide they want to wet their whole head of hair and get the entire bathroom wet (that's what Eva likes to do at the sink).


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